Bird Control Products
Netting secures to any substrate and excludes all birds. Special hardware and cable required.
Flex-Track shocks bird's feet with low-amperage jolt. Mounts easily to any surface. Requires special charger unit (solar or 110v.)
All stainless steel. Coil secures to surface with small clips which are secured every 12 inches.
Thin wire tensioned between stainless steel posts. Very low visibility.
Humane live-traps are used for relocation of pests.
Thin, stainless steel rods and U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base are extremely durable and the least conspicuous spike product on the market.
Deters birds from platforms. Plastic spindle with stainless steel rods rotates in breeze.
BirdSlide completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can't get a grip and slide right off the ledge.
A variety of audio, visual and taste deterrents for various applications. Not as secure as mechanical devices.
Products that will assist you with cleaning and disinfecting your site.

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